Welcome to Z Day

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ZDay is a Multiplayer Online 3D FPS Zombie Survival game currently under development by Arrowhead Games.

Players are thrown into the centre of a post apocalyptic city after a deadly virus outbreak has occurred. Furor city, once inhabited by the human race, now is home to thousands of blood thirsty infected humans on the prowl for any remaining survivors. With the virus enhancing the physical abilities of the infected, players will be no match for them if playing alone. ZDay will require excellent team work, bravery and skill as players attempt to survive in the infected-filled city.

Players will have to work together to clear out buildings, search for supplies, barricade doorways and survive. Barricades can eventually be broken, so hiding in one building with just a few supplies will not turn out pretty in the end.

  • Head-2-Head!

    ZDay pitches players head-2-head in this chilling survival FPS.

  • Infection of Furor City

    The city is infected, fallen comrades rise to pursue you. Can you survive?

  • Test Yourself

    Survival is an art but is it an art that you can Master? Are you good enough?