A selection of videos taken during the development of ZDay.

Teaser #7 – November 2012

Our first teaser since moving over to Unity3D game engine, shows a few small sections of the map

Please note: The rest of these are OLD videos and do not represent the current gameplay

Teaser #6 – August 2010

This is footage taken when the game was being converted to Torque 3D, filmed on a very old laptop hence the lagging.

Teaser #5 – December 2008

The recording was the last taken using the TGEA game engine, showing off the new sewer system that had just been built to use.

Teaser #4 – July 2008

Teaser #3 – April 2008

Early footage of one of the first prototypes for the game

  • Head-2-Head!

    ZDay pitches players head-2-head in this chilling survival FPS.

  • Infection of Furor City

    The city is infected, fallen comrades rise to pursue you. Can you survive?

  • Test Yourself

    Survival is an art but is it an art that you can Master? Are you good enough?